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A stylish kitchen island solves almost every issue that homebuyers report when they take over someone else’s home.  There’s never enough room in a kitchen – especially if it’s a younger family with multiple kids.  So the trend has been to add a kitchen island, many with seating that slides under the island when not in use.

Can a Kitchen Island Be a Prep Surface?

Islands can be portable or static, depending on the flexibility you need.  The argument for portable, of course, is often that rolling the island around can create larger countertop areas when prepping for large parties etc.  Some families with open floorplans like to use portable kitchen islands as buffet tables for large gatherings.  They can be rolled right out to the living area where guests can make their own plates and/or drinks without milling about in the kitchen proper where food preparation is often still going on.

Static kitchen islands, on the other hand, offer far more advantage in a busy family.  Most are wired with outlets and many can include sinks, dishwashers, even cook surfaces.  These can be stunningly beautiful when paired with an oak butcher block top for a rustic warmth or even a sharp granite countertop for color contrast.  Islands can also be fitted with overhead ventilation and even lighting to help improve airflow and the aesthetic.

Other Features in a Kitchen Island

Some homebuyers are faced with smaller working areas and there are kitchen islands for narrow kitchens that provide conveniences like storage, or maybe a wine rack.  Long narrow island countertops can still include a sink and/or dedicated room for food preparation or serving.

If your kitchen doesn’t have an island or if you are looking for more counter space then a free standing kitchen island may be your best option. Kitchen carts, stationary kitchen islands with butcher block tops, baker’s racks, swing out bars and matching bar stools, and more.

Some kitchen islands are a combination between a workspace and a table and they become a sort of hybrid with eye-catching shapes and designs.We have prepared a selection of images of kitchen islands that respect all these criteria. While kitchen islands are most often used as giant cutting boards, they’ve come full circle in design and function, and have proven to be a great way to add substance and style to any kitchen design.

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